Entry #1

Starting up!

2016-05-15 06:20:22 by KolvinSanctus

Yea.. so I'm new to Newgrounds and i'm just starting to upload all of my songs here. I would really love to hear what you guys think about my music, or which type of music would you prefer me to make. :D

Hope you enjoy my music!


PS: And btw if you wanna you can check out all of my music on: 

Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/kolvinsanctus


Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCoGqa1BY7_iBKpwpbfX3rUw


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2016-09-18 13:44:21

Yo, it´s me again.

I was just listening to your songs on SoundCloud and I agree with most of them
Especially with Messiah Calling and L'apparenza Inganna.

I´d just like to know if you had any musical background, because you seem to have higher-than-average knowledge about classical stuff and rhythm.

peace out! :)

KolvinSanctus responds:

Yo dude!

Damn, it's so awesome to hear that you agree with my music :D

Yea, I do have a musical background, actually i'm still going to music school, and my dream is to pursue music composition as a job (or at least as a hardcore hobby, It will be hard as all hell for sure).

It's really nice hearing that from someone like you, for I really enjoy your music and you had a musical background for sure, at least it sounds like it from your tracks.
I especially like your songs "Space Trip" (Im really into space as you probably noticed) and "Windup-toy boss" it was really cinematic, I hope one day i'll achieve that level of pressure-building atmosphere in my music (Im not a native english speaker so I hope it made any sense)